Claim Process FAQs

Q Why might you receive a “20-day preliminary lien” notice?
A Vintage Reconstruction, depending on the size of the loss, follows the state requirements of applying a lien to protect our property damage losses. A 20-day preliminary lien notice is not any reflection of your honesty but it is a required document for contractors to protect their payment rights.

Q What is depreciation?
A Most simply, depreciation is the reduction in the value of an asset due to its usage, the passage of time, any wear and tear, outdating or obsolescence, and any other similar factors. Some insurance policies include depreciation on selected items. Recoverable depreciation is refunded when all of the needed repairs are finally completed. Non-recoverable depreciation is not refunded, and will have to be paid by you directly to Vintage Reconstruction.

Q I received the insurance payment and the mortgage company’s name has been included. What do I do?
A We understand the process and, if you request, we will contact your mortgage company and provide them with the necessary claim documentation so they can process the insurance payment and the work can progress. We will assist in the mortgage company’s many property inspections. We’re more than happy to work with you with these sometimes confusing issues.

Q When is the deductible paid?
A The deductible is your responsibility and it is due before any services can begin.

Q How does the claim get paid?
A Vintage Reconstruction will provide a digital repair estimate to the insurance adjuster who will approve the repair estimate and issue the repair payment to you, less your deductible.

Q Do I need to get multiple estimates?
A No. Your insurance policy does not require multiple estimates. By hiring Vintage Reconstruction, one call does it all as we are fully prepared to handle your entire claim from beginning to completion. That includes 24 Hour Emergency Services, the handling of your personal property, dry cleaning needs, mold remediation, bio-hazard cleanup, odor elimination and complete property reconstruction. That is why we can say, “One call to Vintage Reconstruction does it all!”

Q I am confused by all the different people who are involved with my claim. Can you explain who they are?
A The insurance agent, who sold you the policy, is the insurance company’s representative. The insurance adjuster (or claim adjuster) assigned to your claim, will work with us to approve and pay for the repairs based upon your particular insurance policy’s coverage limits. The mortgage company, because of their investment, may also be involved to assist with assuring that your property is repaired back to a “pre-loss” condition.