Crisis Planning

Crisis Planning

Your business can experience different types of emergency situations, and your response can affect the continuity of normal business operations.

A disaster to your business structure does not have to be a disaster for your business. Your response can affect any situation from a brief interruption to a catastrophic loss. By pre-planning for emergency situations, you will be better positioned to protect your assets, mitigate the effects of the emergency, and accelerate the recovery process.

Vintage Reconstruction has forged a number of strategic alliances who will assist you in preparing a comprehensive business continuity plan, review any existing plan, and then assess the various risks to you and recommend specific processes designed to limit the effects of future emergencies. Vintage Reconstruction will also subject your entire disaster recovery plan to our thorough testing and training programs, including:

  • The evaluation of existing business continuity plans and procedures.
  • The assessment of business risk and impact of potential emergencies.
  • The design of an emergency preparedness and response plan.
  • The development of a business management plan and procedures.
  • The implementation of your disaster recovery plan through detailed testing of that
    plan and any determined needed employee training.
  • The providing of periodic reviews and updates to your business continuity/disaster
    recovery plan as your corporate needs change.

    Vintage Reconstruction’s Management Team and its consultants will condo all of this and more as they custom tailor a plan to your company’s specific requirements. When your business experiences an emergency situation, our team of experts will be there to effectively implement your disaster recovery plan and stand ready to mitigate your losses.

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