When the stuff hits the fan, it can be hard to keep a cool head, especially if the ‘stuff’ happens to be a fire or smoke damage, water damage, or other serious damage to your home or business. But instead of panicking, simply take a deep breath and remember to call us at Vintage Reconstruction for professional 24-hour emergency restoration service.

emergency restoration

We at Vintage Reconstruction specialize in restoring homes, businesses, and other properties that have seen serious damage from fires, smoke damage, high wind damage, water damage and flooding, and other causes natural and man-made. No matter what kind of damage you’re faced with or what time of the day or night it happens to be, you can rely on us for fast response and 24-hour emergency restoration service. Our customers also appreciate the fact that we strive for fast turnaround, because we know that you want to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Choose better and more reliable emergency restoration service from an experienced company you can trust. If you need emergency restoration assistance, then pick up the phone and give us at Vintage Reconstruction a call. We can be reached 24-hours a day and 7 days a week by phone at 210-492-4171 or by filling out the simple contact form found on our website, www.vintageTX.com. While on our website you can learn more about our range of professional restoration and construction services and what makes us the preferred restoration company.