The longer you wait to have any serious water damage issue in your San Antonio property properly responded to by water damage restoration professionals, the greater the chance of experiencing horrible mold and mildew issues in the future. This is why it’s important to call us at Vintage Reconstruction as quickly as possible following the discovery of any water damage in your San Antonio home or business.

water damage

At Vintage Reconstruction we can be trusted to not only respond to your emergency no matter the time of day or night, but we can also be counted on for thorough clean-up, sanitization, and restoration of your property. We specialize in professional water damage restoration, so we can be relied on to clean the area in an efficient and effective manner that ensures the chances for mold or mildew or either eliminated or greatly reduced. After this we can begin the restoration process which will leave your property looking and feeling like it did before the damage occurred.

You can avoid future mold and mildew issues by calling us at Vintage Reconstruction as soon as possible following the discovery of water damage in your San Antonio property. If you’d like to learn more about our water damage restoration services or our insurance claim services, then simply browse through our website, If you’re in the middle of an emergency or would like to schedule service, then give us a call at 210-492-4171.