A fire in your property seems unthinkable, and most people really don’t think much about the possibility for fires in their homes or businesses. But when disaster strikes, it’s important to be prepared. So if smoke and fire damage in your San Antonio home or business occurs, it’s vital to remember that we at Vintage Reconstruction will come to the rescue after the fire has been put out and the delicate restoration process needs to begin.

Fire and smoke damage restorationIt’s possible that during a fire there may be hazardous by-products caused by the fire present- this is something that we at Vintage Reconstruction will check for and neutralize. After making sure that the place is safe, we’ll begin the clean-up and restoration process. We can be counted on for full-restoration, which means if you need to have your things moved, then we will assist. We also restore antiques and other contents of the property which may have been damaged or partially-damaged during the fire. Of course, we can be trusted to restore the property fully so that it looks and feels like it did before the fire damage- and in the most affordable manner possible.

When disaster strikes, be sure to call Vintage Reconstruction for professional restoration you can trust. We will also provide full assistance with insurance claims and coordinating with your insurance company. You can learn more about our professional San Antonio restoration and construction services today by browsing through www.vintageTX.com. If you have an emergency, then call us at anytime of the day or night at 210-492-4171.