Even after the fire has been put out in your home, serious dangers can still persist. Fire damage can release hazardous materials into the area which can prove dangerous to you and your family, which means that fast smoke and fire damage San Antonio response is essential. So if you’ve just experienced a fire in your home, then it’s important to call us at Vintage Reconstruction to detect and neutralize any potentially dangerous by-products of the fire and begin the delicate and necessary restoration process.

With our 24-hour emergency restoration San Antonio service, we can be at your door and ready to get to work no matter whether the fire has happened during the day or in the middle of the night. Being a full-service smoke and fire damage San Antonio company, we will not only detect and neutralize hazardous fire by-products, but also remove soot and ash, deodorize the area, work on restoring any contents in the home damaged by the fire, and restore the property to the way it was before the fire. If extensive fire damage occurred, then we can also be counted on for high quality construction services so you can look forward to moving back into a home that looks and feels exactly the way it did before the fire.

A fire in your home can be devastating and traumatic to deal with, but the necessary thing to do following a fire is to have the experts from Vintage Reconstruction ensure your safety and begin the restoration process of your home. Call us now at 210-492-4171 or learn more by browsing through www.vintagetx.com.